Live from CeBIT: Siemens Runster Prototype

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The 'Runster' is a prototype application that uses a clip-on belt sensor in conjunction with music from a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone to provide a custom audio soundtrack—sort of. Really, all it does is slow down or speed up the tempo depending on how fast you're running. It's a cute trick, but in practice it would seem to be annoying. Do people really want their music to slow down when they do, or would they prefer it at-tempo to stay motivated?

Yes, that's the SX2 prototype that he's holding. No, I still haven't asked if Siemens is going to move towards Series 60 (I will, once I escape from this little room). One interesting tidbit, though, is that many of the 'concept' displays in the Siemens booth are using the SX2 to show off.

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