Old Billy McGates gave his keynote address today and there was plenty of Xbox 360 news.

What did Microsoft learn from the release of the Xbox 360 nearly a month ago? Well, it's pretty obvious: the 360 is a system that is flying off the shelves. Microsoft would ideally like to sell between 4.5 and 5.5 million Xbox 360s by June 2006. The company will be doing this by opening a third manufacturing factory next month. This factory, named Celestica, will be added next to the preexisting Wistron and Flextronics factories. With this good news, we were also tickled pink with an announcement of an external HD DVD drive add-on that will allow for HD movie playback on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately this is it, no more details on the HD-DVD player add-on, no price, and supposedly it will be out "this year," but who knows what that means? Hopefully we can expect a sub-$500 price tag, if it follows the HD-DVD player trend going on at CES 2006.