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Worst-case scenario: Mom decides to check out what you're up to and somehow works her way into your digital diary to find out you may not be as innocent as you look. For teens, this could be the ultimate horror, especially when you've written about where you keep that emergency stash of weed. So make snooping a thing of the past with the Thoughtsafe 128MB USB Flashdrive with PKI-based hardware encryption. As well as the essential encryption, it comes with the company's own MSN Messenger interface, an electronic diary that's similar to a blog, Photo album and address book all rolled into one. And you can also sign up for the Infobar subscription service, which gives you access to stuff such as daily updates to celebrity profiles, birthdays, gossip and of course, your horoscope. Comes in Pretty Pink for just $60.

ThoughtSafe USB Flash drive with encryption for teens
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