Lock Pick Business Card: Sweet Form, Solid Function

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We collect a LOT of business cards throughout the year, and while most of them are far from memorable, every now and then one stands out. But even of the few cool ones I've been handed, none of them are quite as awesome as this lock pick card, which is loaded up with fully functional tools besides looking incredibly sleek and modern. Just don't show it to Patrick Bateman.


[via TechEBlog]

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First off, I own and know how to use lock picks. When I was young, a friend of mine had a father who was a locksmith. He helped us learn how to use the tools. We had competitions to pick all kind of locks. It was really fun. Anyway, that creditcard pick set is worthless. The metal lockpicks are made of have to be spring steel in order to survive the stress of lockpicking. Also, as another commenter pointed out, the tension bar is critical and MUST be spring steel to create the proper tension on the tumbler. If you are interested in learning how to pick locks, buy a genuine set on the internet. They aren't that expensive.