Lock Your Tablet to the Table and Poo With Peace of Mind

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You wouldn't just leave your bike unattended in the middle of Starbucks if you had to take a bathroom break, would you? OK maybe you would. But an iPad is much easier to steal! The solution: lock. it. up.

Is it socially acceptable to take your iPad with you into a coffeeshop bathroom? I don't know! I do it anyway! But using one in public definitely still pegs you as that iPad guy, and that makes you a target. Just slipping it into your backpack won't do much to deter a thief, and I don't think that stranger you entreated to watch your stuff is going to put up much of a fight when someone comes by and snatches your bag. But this new security bundle from MacLocks, comprised of a clear plastic case and a Kensington-style cable lock, this will make sure your iPad is waiting for you when you get back to your table. It'd be rough to lose your iPad. It'd be even rougher to lose that Fruit Ninja high score!

You can preorder the iPad lock, which comes with a free screen protector, for $65. Hey, at least that iPad guy with that iPad lock doesn't get his stuff stolen. [MacLocks via Wired]

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isn't the whole reason to have a tablet is to take it with you when you poo?