Logic3 First Out with iPhone-Dedicated Speaker System

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Logic3 has beaten everyone else to the punch with its i-Station Traveller for iPhone. Just 6.7 inches across, the system can go lengthways as well as widthways. Four-watt output, 35 mm neodymium drivers, and compatible with other media players, the i-Station Traveller costs


29.99 ($60). Another pic and press release after the jump.

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Fit for a king -

A Logic3 throne for the Apple iPhone

Logic3 launches the world's first speaker system specifically designed for the iPhone

It has made a royal splash either side of the pond and now Logic3 can announce that the Apple iPhone has its own set of noble speakers - the i-Station Traveller for iPhone. Be the first to suitably show-off your brand new iPhone with the world's first iPhone speaker system from Logic3.


Logic3's newest i-Station Traveller boasts a sleek, black gloss finish with silver trim, which perfectly complements the iPhone. Measuring just 170mm across, Logic3 has created a stylish and chic system for both home and abroad.

As the first dedicated iPhone speaker system on the market, the i-Station Traveller for iPhone's innovative and compact design accommodates the iPhone both vertically and on its side for optimal use. In fact, with the sleek adjustable holding system, Logic3's latest i-Station can turn your iPhone into an all-singing, all-dancing multimedia system, so you can watch your downloaded videos in style!


Sound quality is a key feature of the iPhone and Logic3's iPhone speakers have been specifically designed to complement and enhance this sound, with the TDMA noise - the sound emitted from mobile phones and heard through speakers - kept to a minimum.

If you're feeling generous or simply want to show-off, why not share your playlist with the world through the 35mm neodymium drivers? The fantastic sound quality is not compromised by the compact design of the i-Station Traveller for iPhone, which boasts a total output of 4 watts.


Still waiting for an iPhone? Fear not - for those retro iPod owners who are yet to upgrade, Logic3's new offering is also compatible with any gadget with a 3.5mm jack, including the whole iPod range, MP3 players and even your PSP. Ticking all the boxes, Logic3 provides a 3.5mm to 2.5mm stereo converter so you can even connect a compatible mobile phone.


Giving you the option to showcase your iPhone on the move, the i-Station Traveller for iPhone comes supplied with four AAA batteries. A mains adaptor also comes as standard - great if you would rather make your iPhone's i-Station a permanent fixture in your house.

Complete with a velvet-finish case, the i-Station Traveller for iPhone will be available for just

29.99 from high street retailers. You will also be able to snap them up online through Amazon and www.logic3.com.

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This dock makes me very happy, but we'll see whether it can work without resorting to airplane mode, shall we?