Logitech Chillstream, Aerating Sweaty Gamer Palms Since 2006

Illustration for article titled Logitech Chillstream, Aerating Sweaty Gamer Palms Since 2006

Logitech's Chillstream controller for the PC is the solution to your problem of embarrassingly sweaty hands. Able to blow an impressive 3.41 cubic feet of air onto your hands, the Chillstream also tries to innovate with its D-pad. Instead of having a single pivot point like traditional D-pads, the Chillstream uses four independent contacts points, which, as Logitech's G-men would have us belive, makes the controller more precise.

Look for the Chillstream this September for around $39.99. Um, doesn't it look pretty much exactly like a Controller S for the original Xbox?

Press Release [Logitech via CrunchGear]

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The 3.41 cubic feet spec is worthless without a unit of time. Most

computer case fans give specs in cubic feet per minute, and in this

case that's correct, but I had to look it up to confirm. 3 cubic feet

per second would probably feel like an air compressor, and be pretty

loud. But my hands would be very cool.