Logitech's new wireless desktop keyboard/mouse set, the MK700, is a nice-looking, if standard, Logitech offering. It's got a little LCD, shiny black finish and efficient batteries. But it's also packing Logitech's new "Incurve" concave keys to sensuously caress your fingers.

Logitech promises that its new "Incurve" concave keys and wrist-rest properly cradle your fingers in a way we suppose flat keys can't. We haven't gotten a change to use it, but it sounds interesting to have a little gully for fingertips. The MK700 also has improved battery efficiency that yields some impressive results: The keyboard will last about three years, and the mouse about 12 months. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard set, clocking in at $100 when it ships later this month. [Logitech]