Logitech MX610 Reviewed (Verdict: Yet Another Mouse)

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Logitech, maker of all things mice, has yet another MX-series mouse out. The MX610 is a $60 wireless mouse that doesn't use bluetooth, isn't rechargeable, and has a redundant design. So why bother? I'll tell you why, because your lazy ass doesn't want to move off the shitter to see if you got an e-mail or instant message from your friend. So Logitech decided to build in 2 lights to indicate if you've received any new messages. Not bad Logitech, now you've got us interested-oh wait. This just in! It'll only work with Outlook for e-mail and MSN and Yahoo! for instant messaging. Aw fuck Logitech, you screwed up. Back to the drawing board you go. If you demand a horrible mouse from Logitech, it'll run you $50-$60 online.

Logitech MX610 Review [Everything USB]


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