LolCat Kingpin May Pull 1,000+ Domains from GoDaddy in SOPA Protest

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Ben Huh has made a pile of cash for himself for delivering hot memes to the masses over the past few years—the man owns I Can Has Cheezburger. Now, post-GoDaddy revelation, he's threatening to take his business elsewhere.

Ben Huh just tweeted his intention to remove the over one thousand domains his empire—which includes Fail Blog and Know Your Meme—from GoDaddy's services. While that wouldn't exactly be a deathblow to the mega-registrar, it's a high profile gesture against the lumbering shit-service's endorsement of SOPA.


We applaud this—big ol' props to Ben Huh for taking a stand. It'd be great to see some other big customers do the same. [Ben Huh]