London Becomes Its Own Adorable Asteroid in This Beautifully Shot Video

Say goodbye to London, because it’s about to become Earth’s second moon.

Using some clever video stitching and a 360 rig, RavenCourt Films was able to to turn locations in London into its own Mario Galaxy levels, ensconced by an endless skyline. The city’s features are warped but just barely recognizable as each scene spins slowly out into space.


Similar videos have been made using a bevy of GoPros—this one was shot with just two Kodak SP360s. You’ve gotta wonder though: on a planet that small, what the hell is point of a bus?


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Well they say the sun never sets on the British empire, but a tidally locked London asteroid may be taking that statement too literally.

On another note, what’s with the rash of Sploid articles on Gizmodo? They used to be the evening treat after a slew of heavy hitting science articles and a sprinkling of cool gadget reviews, now sploids are becoming the norm.