London Looting Victim Inspires The Internet

Aaron Biber is an 89-year-old barber from Tottenham. He lost his wife in 2010 and, in 2011, he lost his livelihood to rioters. His story made headlines when a striking image of his ransacked barbershop hit the Internet.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Biber confirmed his barbershop would likely close. He did not have insurance and does not have the money to make the repairs himself. It was heart-wrenching.

But his story may have a happy ending. A group of interns at BBH Barn, a London advertising agency, started a website and began accepting donations to help Mr. Biber repair his barbershop. Thus far, they have collected £20,204.58 ($32,000) and that number continues to climb. Let's hope this gift will help him replace what was stolen and get back to serving the community of Tottenham. [Keep Aaron Cutting]

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I will be donating a few squid here soon. i do hope i can get a shave / cut from him when i visit london next.