London Will Soon Have Fifth Element Style MultiPass For Public Transit

Illustration for article titled London Will Soon Have emFifth Element/em Style MultiPass For Public Transit

All of a sudden, it's the 23rd Century. The UK's government innovation board has just approved funding to begin implementing an all-in-one train/bus/subway/airline pass in 2014. And yes, they actually named it MultiPass after the thing from the Bruce Willis movie.


The plan revolves around a passcard with an e-ink barcode display that would replace a plethora of current travel fare cards. Supporters envision it being used to pay for every aspect of travel, including parking and snacks along the way. The MultiPass company even says the cloud-based system will always give users the lowest fare, no matter where or how they're traveling — which is apparently rather challenging in the UK's current system.

Two pilot tests will begin in 2014, in London and Glasgow, with the full rollout anticipated in the following year. Plenty of time to practice your pronunciation. Mooolteeepahs. [The Guardian]

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travelling in the UK is challenging? London alone has 5 airports, the London Tube is probably the best in the world, there is national rail that arrives promptly and regularly, and now there is the crossrail.

if anything travelling in the UK and Europe puts everything else to shame.