London's Triangular "Cheesegrater" Tower Rises In This Gorgeous Video

British architect Richard Rogers is known for putting the guts of buildings on display. In fact, his work has even inspired the scatological style known as Bowellism. This summer, Rogers' exoskeletal style is being writ large in London, where he's building a wedge-shaped tower called the Leadenhall Building. And lucky for us, the construction process is being filmed in high-def.


Leadenhall is rising next door to the equally-anatomical Gherkin building in central London. The building already has its own coloquial nickname—the Cheesegrater—inspired by its triangular profile. When it tops out later this summer, the glass-covered prism will show off almost every element of the building's interior—from floor slabs to service cores. But that doesn't make it any less interesting to watch it being built.

In addition to maintaining a social media presence, Leadenhall's construction team also filmed the entire construction process in crisp time lapse video, below. This is just the first half of construction (notice the snow on the ground), so look forward to part two sometime later this year. [Vimeo]


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This makes me want to live in London.

Oh wait! I already do.