Longing for When TiVo Reigned Supreme

It seems like just yesterday when TiVo was a verb. But thanks to the drab overlords of digital cable providers, we've been forced to adapt the blander and more brand-neutral DVR. On last week's 30 Rock, Liz Lemon expressed her longing for days gone by. Personally? I still catch myself remembering to "tape" episode. What is that, even?

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I use a TiVo HD with Time Warner digital. Yes, it now requires a tuning adapter to be chained to the device... which also pretty much destroys TiVo Suggestions. And yes, due to Time Warner's stupidity/greed, every single channel except broadcast are copy protected, meaning the TiVoToGo feature is useless. That said, the core functionality of the TiVo, recording programs, still works perfectly, and IMO *much* better than the ugly mess that is the Time Warner Navigator software on their own cable boxes. So yeah, I still use TiVo as a verb. :)

Would I buy another TiVo? To be honest, probably not, and that's unfortunate. TiVo just hasn't innovated enough to keep themselves as relevant as they could be. Again, it still works well, but there are other solutions that are better. I'm eagerly looking ahead to see what the Ceton DVR box will bring. Even if that doesn't pan out, either the Ceton card or the HDHomeRun make an excellent foundation for a HTPC.