Look at This Idiot Using His Typewriter in a Starbucks

Illustration for article titled Look at This Idiot Using His Typewriter in a Starbucks

We've already been plenty vocal on our opinions of people who use coffee shops as their personal office. But this guy—this digital rebel found by Twitter user @DGoddamnGlover—makes those non-ordering, space-consuming table squatters look like saints—and this their new pope.


This can't possibly be convenient, nor does he need the free internet access. But his key banging does disturb the peace. Assuming this wasn't an attempt to troll the masses (in which case, touché, you've won, now never do this again), a word of advice to our hipster friend: if you're going to go through all the trouble of dragging your willfully conspicuous typewriter to a public gathering place, there's probably better places to choose than Starbucks. [@DGoddamnGlover]


Does anybody know this guy's story as to why he's in Starbucks with a typewriter? No. Is it any of your business? No. Should you care? No. Should you just let people get on with whatever they're doing without yourself thinking you've got them all sussed out and know their story? Yes.

Can you go anywhere and do anything you genuinely want to do anymore without being put on the internet and being judged by unnecessary journalism?

Big up typewriter guy and anybody that do things differently because they want to.