Looks Like Instagram Is Working on a Snapchat Rival

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Someone at Instagram has a slippery trigger finger: Some Instagram for Android users are reporting links posted to a "one tap photo messaging app" called Bolt. It sounds an awful lot like a very popular photo-sharing app not owned by Facebook that rhymes with "App Hat."


The link brings you to a dead page at the Google Play store, and no one has reported actually testing out the app.

We've reached out to Facebook and Instagram for comment and will update if they fess up.

If this incident seems familiar, it's because this is very similar to what happened when Facebook launched its Snapchat competitor, Slingshot — someone posted the app page on the iTunes store before it was actually available. If this is, in fact, exactly like Slingshot, maybe Bolt will appear in the next few days. Now we just have to wait and see if it's actually a worthy competitor, or if it ends up being another needlessly complicated knockoff, like Slingshot. [The Verge]


OG Glip Glop

Oh cmon... Just stop. It's not happening. People ran to snapchat because it was so different from anything else out there that let you communicate with your friends. Copying the idea won't get people to just ditch snapchat for the same exact thing that just looks different and most likely (so far) works worse. Even if someone does come out with a snapchat competitor that has a cool new feature, people are already so used to snapchat. I don't understand why companies keep wasting money on trying to make competition.