Looks Like T-Mobile's Not Getting the iPhone... Again

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In a leaked internal memo published originally by unofficial T-Mobile news blog TmoNews, employees of the iPhone-less carrier are told in no uncertain terms that beginning September 21st, they will commence training to sell "against the iPhone."

You know who doesn't sell against the iPhone? Carriers who have the iPhone. Sorry, guys!


While we're sorry for all the T-Mobile customers who still haven't jumped ship but also desperately want an iPhone (which by this point, probably not many of you?), the possibly more interesting tidbit is the timing here: September 21st. Just over a week after the reported new iPhone announcement. Which both lends credence to the September 12 announcement date, and to the companion rumors that the actual launch would be soon after.


With wording that explicit, it would be hard to misinterpret the information T-Mobile is trying to convey in this note to its staff. Sell. Against. The iPhone. [TmoNews via Engadget]