Lost's Jacob Gets Supernaturally Devilish

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Be warned, Mark Sheppard: There's a new familiar face appearing in everything we watch these days. After being unveiled as Jacob in the last season of Lost, actor Mark Pellegrino has signed on for a similarly existential role in Supernatural.

Not content with playing the man (well, potential man) behind the curtain on ABC's island drama, Pellegrino will also be appearing in the CW's slacker Buffy bros series as Lucifer himself when the show returns this fall. Fans of the series already know that Mr. Morningstar was released in the season finale of the show's fourth season, but the September 10th season premiere will be our first chance to see the devil himself in action.


Pellegrino is joining the series as a recurring guest-star, meaning that this new role is likely to allow him all the Lost time he needs to wrap that story up in its final season, to launch next year.

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