Lovely Mom Draws Awesome Pictures on Napkins for Her Son's Lunch

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If you didn't know, Mother's day is a few weeks away (May 12th this year) so it's a pretty good idea to tell your Mom you love her. Though you should do that everyday! Especially if you're the sons of amazing Nina Levy. She turns regular ol' lunch napkins into wonderful pieces of art. Just look at them.

Nina, who's a photographer and sculptor, draws pictures on napkins for her 9-year-old and 5-year-old's lunch. And these aren't just scribbles and stick figures, the lunch napkins are beautifully detailed artwork that inclue all things that boys love: dinosaurs, LEGO, dogs, superheroes and more.

But you got to wonder, if you were one of Nina's son, wouldn't you want to save some of your favorite drawings and not use the napkins? Does that mean you'll walk away from lunch with chocolate pudding all over your mouth because the drawing was too good? I hope Nina packs two napkins!


You can follow Nina's napkin artwork here. [Nina Levy via Neatorama]

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