Lowrance iWAY 600c Navi With Satellite Imagery, 30GB Drive

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This is not just any GPS navigation device; this Lowrance iWAY 600c can overlay satellite imagery on its maps, giving you a view similar to what you might see in Google Earth with the roads turned on. Its maps can be mixed into the usual 2D modes and even show up in an elevated 3D mode. Cool.

Its 5-inch 640x480 screen is fed with a relatively large 30GB hard drive, but 25 of those 30 gigs are reserved for all those satellite shots. We're also hearing that the satellite imagery is only available for certain metropolitan areas, so if you're not a big city dweller, that map capability may not be any help.


Here's the kicker: like our favorite Garmin Nuvi 660 (with a smaller 4.3-inch screen, by the way), the iWAY 600c can transmit its turn-by-turn voice guidance to your car radio. No availability info yet, but it will retail for $800.

Lowrance iWAY 600C with satellite imagery [Navigadget]

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