Lumix DMC-G1: World's Smallest Camera With Interchangeable Lenses Priced at $800

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Panasonic has confirmed that the first Micro Four Thirds System camera, the Lumix DMC-G1, will be available starting in mid-November for $800. It's definitely a promising piece of equipment, but interested parties may want to hold off until Panasonic delivers on its promise to bring HD video recording capabilities to future versions.


Secaucus, NJ (October 16, 2008) – Panasonic today announced pricing
for the world's first Micro Four Thirds System camera, the LUMIX
DMC-G1 – available in mid-November for a suggested retail price of
$799.95, which includes the LUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm/F3.5-5.6 ASPH/MEGA
O.I.S. kit lens. Also available in November, the LUMIX G VARIO
45-200mm/F4.0-5.6/MEGA O.I.S. telephoto Micro Four Thirds lens has a
suggested retail price of $349.95.

The LUMIX G1, available in black, blue and red models, is the first
interchangeable lens camera to offer consumers a choice of colors.
Weighing about half as much as a standard digital single-lens reflex
(DSLR) camera (1.28 lbs)*, the LUMIX G1 is loaded with features that
both entry-level and more experienced DSLR users will appreciate. The
LUMIX G1 introduces a new Contrast AF (Auto Focus) system that is
accurate and fast. Additionally, the LUMIX G1 features Panasonic's
Intelligent Auto mode found across the LUMIX line of cameras, which
includes AF Tracking, Intelligent Exposure, MEGA O.I.S., Intelligent
ISO, Intelligent Scene Selector, and Face Detection.

"The LUMIX G1 provides the power of a DSLR with many of the
easy-to-use features from our point-and-shoot digital cameras," said
David Briganti, National Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic
Consumer Electronics Company. "With the LUMIX G1, we're able to
provide manual controls and professional-quality images, while also
making the camera much more compact and with intuitive features easy
for those new to DSLRs to learn and use."

The LUMIX G1's electronic Live View Finder, with a high-resolution
1,440,000-dot equivalent, allows the user to shoot the exact image
seen, while also displaying information about the camera's settings.
The LUMIX G1 also features a free angle 3.0-inch LCD, enabling the
user to see the adjustments as they are being made, a valuable
learning tool for users new to manual controls, as the effects can be
confirmed visually before snapping the shot.

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Just curious, what's Lumix's distinction as a brand? Seriously. I'm not a big camera nut (even though I've got quite a few of them), and I can't recall anything that would make me say "Aaah, Lumix. Must have!"

What's the Lumix claim to fame?