M21 Flat Panel has Mid-Century Roots with 21st Century Tech

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Over the weekend at the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles, Designer Joe Wilkerson displayed his newest furniture creation, the M21 Flat Panel. The name might not be that telling, but this beauty is a mid-century themed console that houses a 42" plasma screen. Apparently this updated retro-console was attracting a lot of attention at the show. And why not, the M21 Flat Panel combines the oh so trendy mid-century modern design with 21st century tech.

Aside from housing the plasma screen, the walnut hardwood console even incorporates room for a built-in center speaker. Made from "Fender amp screen material," the front facing speaker grill is in a perfect location to complete the surround-sound speaker layout.

This design to house electronics in a clean modern look is a complete throwback to the entertainment consoles that emerged in the 1950s. Back then it was very common to find a TV housed completely in a wood console, or a record player hidden inside a teak credenza. With entertainment technology becoming such an integral part of every household, it's nice to know that there is someone out there trying to put it it all together again.


Since the console was only on display to "test the waters of public interest," there is no word on specific specs, pricing or availability. Apartment Therapy did get a few words from the designer, and found out that his furniture company, Wilkerson Furniture, is still unsure if they should offer the console and the screen as a package. I'm glad this is a concern, because with plasma TVs currently on the way out, it could mean this console is just old stuff. [Wilkerson Furniture via Apartment Therapy]

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So fugly that my grandma would have loved it. I am betting thats who will buy this, old folks or "artsy" retro people.