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MacBook Pro Core i5 and Core i7 Processors Rumored to Arrive in January

It's obvious that Intel's Arrandale-based Core i5 and Core i7 processors' release is right around the corner, but Fudzilla is reporting that it's happening in January. If true, this could mean that a MacBook Pro refresh would follow rather soon.

It's a bit odd that Fudzilla is predicting a January 3rd release since that's a Sunday, but otherwise the general timeline sounds reasonable. They're claiming that the offering will come in "2.4GHz to 2.66GHz with prices ranging from $225 to $332." I just hope they're right, because frankly I don't know if I can convince myself to wait much longer before ordering a MacBook Pro. [Fudzilla via Mac Rumors via TUAW]


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My guess is that anyone who paid for the mid to low range Macbook Pros would not have spent enough money to get the i(whichever) option, much like the iMac. This is just a guess, but I don't suppose the C2D will just go away. The i5/i7 will probably start off being the tipety-top 15" and 17", if not just the 17" by itself, so don't feel too bad, all you folks that spent at or below $2k, at least not yet :P

At the very least, the nicer C2D procs in the top end models will get pushed to the lower orders for the same money in their respective tiers.