MacBook Pro Woes: What Should I Do Now?

Illustration for article titled MacBook Pro Woes: What Should I Do Now?

Click to viewAlright, so I was fairly impressed with the Macworld keynote. Lots of neat little bits, and the MacBook Air is a pretty amazing sliver of a machine. But it's not what many of us had hoped for. All I really wanted for Macworld was a 13-inch MacBook Pro. A serious but compact workhorse, not a sexy will-o-the-wisp. And now I'm too scared to even buy the current 15-inch MacBook Pro. Why?


Because the MacBook Air's coolest feature—other than its anorexia—is the multitouch trackpad, and Jobs knows it will probably pop up in a MacBook Pro refresh in just a few months. It's a simple formula:

Multitouch trackpad + green components + PowerBook-like black keyboard + redesigned case = dream machine.

Let's not forget Penryn chips, either, which mean more speed and less power suckage. Actually, since the inevitable MBP update is now at least a few months out, we'll probably see it launch with Intel's Montevina platform, the successor to Santa Rosa which is expected in May.

Though these are all reasons to wait for the next wave of MacBook Pros, I can't help but worry that a smaller MBP may never come. Apple likes to keep things nice and differentiated. I want a tight little beast of a machine, but there's already a small MacBook and now here comes the Air, with its feather-light weight and fairy specs. This reminds me of the iPod crisis last fall: Apple, why can't you give us one machine that does it all?



The Macbook remains my favorite computer from the lineup. It's still my favorite design out of all three, has only a marginal power difference from the MBP and is easiest to upgrade. The Macbook Air is the bees' knees n' all, but when I get a new laptop, it will be a Macbook that has been refreshed and improved by the time my current one goes to pasture.