Hollywood's streets are paved with the album inserts and broken dreams of one-hit wonders. But this ambitious music video from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis shows the Seattle-based pair has no intention of going anywhere but up. The red-hot hip-hop duo has just released the "Can't Hold Us" single—the first since their breakout hit "Thrift Shop"—and it's spectacular.

"We just went for it," Macklemore told MTV News. "This was over a 16-day music video shoot," (across six continents no less) Lewis added. "It was a huge project; it was cut all over the place. We started cutting at South By Southwest, in a little hotel room, and we've been finishing it ever since, or trying to finish it. It's just been a massive project."


Can't Hold Us is the second single off of 2012's album The Heist. [Apple, Amazon, Google]