Mad Hatter's Quad Core 2 Duo Server Goes Sixteen Ways

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This one goes out to all my IT homies.

A Gizmodo reader just sent this screen shot in of task manager running on a server he built for work. It runs 4 processors, that have 2 cores each, with each of those cores hyperthreaded. So...That shows up in Windows as 16 procs. I'll stand back and let the man speak for himself:

Dell PE6800, Quad Processor Dual Core w/Hyperthreading running Win2003-R2 Enterprise. Windows sees all that processor goodness as 16 separate processors. The onboard 26GB of RAM and 3TB of local storage round out this sweet server. Price ? $25k-ish. It's going to be a kickass SQL server machine.

We asked him to send us a picture of it loaded. Since it was a preproduction server, he had to run some apps. Namely, "defrag, scandisk /f, virus scan on all fixed disks, and finally a five minute CPU stress/reliability test" Click to the jump to see how the monster fared.


Swimmingly, I'd say!