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Mads Mikkelsen Wants Hannibal To Return

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We were pretty annoyed about NBC’s decision to cancel Hannibal last year, but no more than the show’s star, Mads Mikkelsen, who said that he’s hopeful for the show’s return.

Speaking with the Sunday Express, Mikkelsen noted that the entire cast was angry over the cancellation:

We are all angry. We were p****d. It’s madness. By the time we got to season four we thought it was a definite. We were very surprised at the decision.


Mikkelsen noted that they had high hopes for what the show could accomplish with another season: they had begun to resolve some of the rights issues that had looked to be a roadblock for some of the stories that they wanted to tell, and had some exciting things planned.


Asked whether or not there was any potential for a return of the show, he noted that it’s up to Bryan Fuller, who’s now busy with Starz’s American Gods and the new Star Trek television show for CBS.

“It all depends on Bryan. He is the key, the base, the heart,” Mikkelsen said. “We will wait and see what happens next in his career. But we all know that we can easily pick this up in two or three years, there are breaks in the stories. We could pick it up, say, four years later. If Bryan is up for it, we will all go for it.”


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