Magic bookcase makes itself in neat stop-motion video

I don't know about you, but sometimes I daydream that I have the power to move stuff or make wonderful things with my mind alone—because I can't be bothered to move from my sofa, really. Superlazyass-Man. That would be my superhero name. Or Mary Poppins. And my superpower will look just like this video.

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I love this. Mesmerizing!

and great old school craftsmanship - simple, high quality with a few nice design items like the curved bases and integrated spacing. Actually building them isn't that much harder than assembling ikea if you have the shop and mind for it. But man this dude has some serious time and patience to interrupt his building process to make a quality stop motion video along the way with all the fun anthropomorphic movement and features.

I'm guessing he's up in the running for best grandpa ever.