Magic fabric doesn't catch fire after being doused with molten aluminum

The molten aluminum being poured out onto the thin black fabric is bubbling at a scorching 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hot. And yet, for all the heat and fire and flame power, the magic fabric easily withstands the burning liquid metal. The fabric doesn't catch fire, it doesn't get burned through and there's not a single hole in it. What is this sorcery?


It's CarbonX non-flammable fabric. National Geographic's The Showdown of The Unbeatables explains:

CarbonX is an acrylic fiber that is partially charred in an incinerator, a carbon sheath forms around an unburned acrylic core. When this charred fiber is exposed to heat, the acrylic core burns completely, absorbing the heat energy of the flame.

The fabric can dissipate energy and deflect the heat away, all while being incredibly thin and light. It's used by race car drivers and fire fighters but I think it's basically magic material from the fire gods.


Denver is too damn high

Whatever. Show me what happens when a ball of hot nickel comes in contact with this material and then we'll talk