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Magic: The Gathering Lets Make-Believe Wizards Blast Make-Believe Fireballs

At this year's Penny Arcade PAX convention, Wizards of the Coast, makers of the Magic: The Gathering Card game, set up an awesome interactive installation at their booth that let wannabe wizards live out one of their many, many fantasies: blasting imaginary fireballs.


Created by a company called M1 Interactive, the setup relied on a Kinect to track the actions of attendees and instantly translate their motions to a computer generated fireball moving across a large projection screen. All of the fire and spatial sound effects were generated by a real time physics engine, making the simulation seem all the more believable. And as far as dramatic finishes go, it sure beats picking cards up off a table. [Vimeo via Albotas]

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Zeust the Mepsuan

This is the kind of thing that sometimes makes me jealous of all of you who live in the USA where all this awesome stuff seems to be happening. I'd really love to shoot my own virtual fireball.