Magnifying Glass Vase Greatly Exaggerates Your Gardening Skills

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Even if the garden you planted in the spring ends up looking like a devastated warzone by the summer, you can still impress your friends with what appear to be giant healthy blooms thanks to this magnifying Big Bloom vase.

At $50 it's cheaper than hiring a master horticulturist or even several bags of Miracle-Gro. And it's certainly a lot easier than properly maintaining a garden. Weeding, watering, and sunlight? If we wanted that much responsibility we'd have kids.


You'll just want to be careful exactly where in the sun's path you place the Big Bloom. That giant magnifying fresnel lens looks like it could also be an effective fire starter, and there's no flower in the world big enough to cheer up a home that's been burnt to the ground. [Cottage Industry via Dezeen]