Magnum Chrome, DS Bling

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The Magnum Chrome DS case is a mod for your Nintendo DS. Completely replacing the outer shell of your portable, the Magnum is actually covered in chrome, not some spray-on finish. This means your DS will be tougher and more resistant to those smudges that make us feel like pigs every time we just want to play some Mario Kart.


Installation is supposed to be reasonably easy, but since this mod only replaces the outer shell, you'll need to buy an inner shell for full transformation. And with each case approaching $40, you could quickly find yourself in new DS territory (just wash your hands before playing this time). [product via techiediva]

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First hand experience on this one. The mod is not that easy, especially dealing with the video ribbon cable between the halves. Also one of the wires that is run in a VERY tight space.

You don't have to buy an inner shell, it comes with one, but matte black instead of chrome. And the chrome does look good, but the seams aren't as clean, gapping in a few places and stiff in other places like the battery cover.

I was trying it on a white DS with a broken right hinge, but I did more damage than good in the attempt and no more DS. But kept the shell, might try again with an eBay cheapie. If you are gonna go for it make sure you get a good tri-wing driver for those screws.