Maintaining Sake Temperature With RFID

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As everybody knows, sake needs to be kept at a consistent temperature in order for it to be the best that it can be. But how do you ensure that the sake stays at that temperature all the way from the warehouse to your tabletop? NTT and others are keen on RFID as the solution to this problem. Sake bottles would be tagged with RFID tags, which would then send temperature data to sensors on the truck transporting the sake. The sensors relay this information 3G-style to the sake s home base. The point of all this? When the customer checks out the sake at the store, he can read the bottle s temperature history, indicating whether or not the sake had any temperature irregularities in transit. See, RFID s not totally evil. It is now totally anal as well!

RFID tags keep the sake fresh [Engadget]


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