Major Brooklyn Gang Taken Down by Cops on Facebook and Also by Extreme Stupidity

In the second season of the nerdiest adaptation of The Wire to date, New York City police have busted up a violent 41-member gang in Brooklyn using—you guessed it—Facebook and Twitter. Again.


The TBO gang (True Bosses Only aka Team Bang Out), which operated out of Bushwick, was taken down by a year-long investigation by police. Their hierarchy operated basically like traditional mafia ranks, included members as young as 12, and now serve as the latest example of why oversharing on Facebook is so very stupid.

The case was made when younger members of TBO accepted friend requests on Facebook and Twitter from fake accounts that investigators made. That allowed police to see them bragging about crimes, which they could cross reference with police reports of the actual incidents. For example, they were able to match up stolen headphones in one photo with the robbery, which happened earlier that night.

But this same type of sting happened this past spring, you might say. In the same borough of the same city!, you'd probably continue. And you'd be right—it did. Thankfully, though, TBO members aren't up on the blogosphere, and now they're off the streets. Stay stupid, violent criminals. [BrooklynNews via Bushwick Daily]



And now that the NYPD has essentially disclosed HOW they managed to bust up such a gang, we can pretty much be assured that such a bust resulting from those means will likely not happen again.