Make Your Own Paper iPhone TV This Public Holiday

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Got a spare couple of hours ahead of you? Get busy with some paper, scissors and a magnifying glass—oh, and your iPhone.


UK artist Ricky Trickartt says of his paper iPhone TV:

"I'm not sure where I came up with the idea of making a little TV set to slot an iPhone into, but the thought came into my mind to use a magnifying glass lens to give it a nice curved CRT-like look to the screen. I copped this ramshackle bargain off eBay (complete with vital safety instructions) to make it out of."


The hand-held magnifying glass set him back just £3.95 on eBay, and gives the TV a really nice retro effect, with the glass making the video look like a higher-res CRT experience. [Trickartt via Recombu]

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You could make one of these out of plywood, stain it, throw a coat of shellac on it and really go for that 50's Radiation King feel.