Makerbot-Forged Mixtape Is the Most Nostalgic Way to Spread Music Love

Before sharing a playlist of songs with a crush was as simple as a few clicks, the mixtape was a labor of love; a time-consuming project. Every song was carefully considered. That's all gone now, of course, but this DIY MP3 player conjured up by MakerBot can help bring it back.

The MakerBot Mixtape is obviously designed for, well, makers, but they've got an option for everyone who's not one as well. There are two options: If you own a MakerBot, the company will ship you a $25 kit so you can put your MakerBot into action and have it create a colorful cassette-shaped case that snaps together around the tiny included MP3 player. You then plug this into you computer and load it up with 2 GB worth of songs. The $39 version for the non-DIYer comes fully assembled to you straight from the company's Brooklyn workshop. If we could actually get people to start passing these around to objects of affection—or at least friends—it would be amazing. [MakerBot]

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