Making Things From Old Skateboard Decks Turns Recycling into Art

Jerry McNamara’s Day By Day is a short documentary that focuses its lens on artist George Rocha of Iris Skateboards in San Francisco. Rocha takes stacks of old, unrideable skateboard decks, glues them together, grinds ‘em up, and then transforms them into functional objects like furniture, tables, tap handles, and, yes, even “new” skateboards.

It’s a colorful process because of the flair from all the different decks, but at the end of the day, it’s recycling. The skateboard decks were headed for the landfill but luckily Rocha found a way to re-purpose them in his art and give them new life. That’s cool.

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Make this happen! Seriously, I have money now and will gladly hand it over to you for this!