Man Arrested After Star Wars vs Star Trek Feud Became an Actual Fight

Image: Star Trek, CBS and Star Wars, Lucasfilm
Image: Star Trek, CBS and Star Wars, Lucasfilm

Star Wars versus Star Trek is a decades-long conflict that stretches across the galaxy, turning brother against brother, tearing lifelong friendships apart. In one case, it nearly turned lethal.


Jerome Whyte, 23, was arrested last week in Oklahoma after a heated debate about Star Wars and Star Trek turned into real assault. According to Oklahoma City police, Whyte and his friend were hanging out in an apartment when the pair started chatting about which series was better. The friend, clearly flustered, told Whyte “You’re just a trick” before walking back to his room.

Whyte then reportedly followed his friend back to his room and shoved him to the ground. After a quick back-and-forth between the two of them, Whyte wrapped his arm around the guy’s neck and started choking him. As the man was about to pass out, he pulled out a pocket knife, leading Whyte to let go. Whyte was arrested for assault and battery, as well as other unrelated charges.

Sadly, it’s not clear which series each side was in favor or, nor what form—original shows and films, reboots, or expanded universe for either of the series’ complex worlds—they preferred. In any case, at least a random stranger didn’t enter the apartment uninvited to argue for Stargate: Atlantis. That could’ve turned deadly.

Update: Ars Technica reached out to Whyte’s friend, Bradley Burk, who clarified that he was defending Star Wars, while Whyte preferred Star Trek. “He was saying Spock was the shit and I was saying Yoda was the shit,” he said.

In addition, the “trick” comment stemmed from the two of them playing a Batman game on Xbox, during which Whyte performed a particular trick and Burk wanted to know how he did it.

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