Man Burnt to Death by Exploding PC

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I've heard of exploding computers before, but not like this: The charred body of an Indian software engineer was found sitting in front of a computer he'd been working on after a loud blast.

His body was found sitting in front of the "completely damaged" and burnt computer by his roommate, who had rushed out of the shower after he heard a blast. He fainted at the sight.


The investigating officers said, "It sounds quite unbelievable. We have not heard of such a case before. But the scene of the accident seems to suggest that the youth was killed in an accident as his body was in the sitting position in front of the burnt computer."

God, that's so horrible. [Times of India via Hard OCP]

P.S. PC pictured is not the computer that killed the man, just an illustration.

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Another reason to use a Mac...

I hope...

God, I hope I'm not typing on a bomb