Man Hits Glass Bridge With Sledgehammer, You Will Absolutely Believe What Happens Next

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China, conceiver of large, ambitious, and often terrifying new infrastructure projects, has decided to build another opportunity for its citizens to stare into the abyss of mortality very tall glass bridge, despite the fact that the last one wasn’t as strong as some people hoped.

To assure future tourists that the Zhangjiajie bridge—the world’s highest and longest, set to open in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park this summer—is safe, a BBC reporter with a death wish was challenged to do something very scary and foolhardy that will probably make you feel no safer about walking on glass bridges.

In fact, everything about this video, from the 30-second preroll of smiling tourists relaxing 1,000 feet above certain death to the man trying his hardest to destroy the one thing keeping his body from becoming human pepperoni at the bottom of a gorge, made me feel a whole lot worse about glass bridges. I guess we’re supposed to be impressed that the glass doesn’t break...but is anybody actually going to want to walk on glass bridge after watching one accumulate roughly three centuries of wear in five minutes?


Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. I think I’ll stick to swimming pool bridges.