Man Lives in His Own Private 727 in the Woods

If you've ever seen the movie Alive, you know how uncomfortable it can be living in the fuselage of a passenger jet. But one man seems to have made it work with his very own Boeing 727 that he calls home.

CNN reports on one Bruce Campbell, a mild-mannered Oregonian who purchased a 1969 Olympic Airways Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 from an aircraft broker. It may not be as fancy as this plush 747 mansion in Malibu, but Bruce's humble abode includes a flushable toilet and all the leg-room he could ask for.


Side note: It looks like Bruce has an affinity not just for old planes, but for old gadgets. Look closely and you'll spot a stack of old iBooks laptops.


[CNN via CNET via DVICE]

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