Man Using Infomercial Miracle Gadget Turns into Papa Smurf

You know that feeling when you are bored/sleepless/drunk in front of the TV at 3 a.m., fascinated by a never-ending informercial and you start reaching for the phone wondering if ACME's Miraculous Gadget X would really work, just to hang up at the last minute? Well, Paul Karason didn't hang up: he ordered a gadget that creates something called "colloidal silver" by electrolyzing water. The infomercial claimed it cures almost anything. Unfortunately, it didn't say anything about turning him into Papa Smurf, transforming your "fair skin" into zombie blue, after 14 years of use. [Consumerist]


@MasterYong: The origin of the term "royal blue" comes from the first indigo merchants. The color/dye was not previously available to Europeans before the spic trade opened up a lot of other trading options. The term itself was pure advertising on the part of the people selling indigo dye, they had an agreement with the monarchies to only sell blue fabric to royals.