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Manhattan's Population By Day vs Manhattan's Population By Night

Illustration for article titled Manhattans Population By Day vs Manhattans Population By Night

I love NYC to bits. But when I see the millions of people shifting in and out Manhattan in a pretty pretty graphic like this, I feel vertigo. And then, when I see the subway statistics, I feel panic:

From 8:00AM to 8:59 AM on an average Fall day in 2007 the NYC Subway carried 388,802 passengers into the CBD [city business district] on 370 trains over 22 tracks. In other words, a train carrying 1,050 people crossed into the CBD every 6 seconds.


Absolutely mindblowing. Now, off I go to get a bagel. [Frumination—Thanks David]

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Even people who work in New York can't afford to live in New York~