'Manned Cloud' Airship, Around the World in Three Days

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While I try to quell thoughts of "Oh, the humanity," take a look at another fanciful attempt to bring back the glory days of the Zeppelin airships. This one is called the Manned Cloud, and can fly fast enough to take a round trip around the globe in three days. The 1640-square-foot craft, whose French designers say could take to the skies in a year or so, will have 60 rooms and travel at a breakneck speed of 173mph. Since this behemoth gets its lift from helium, there's not much danger of a fiery hydrogen explosion like that ill-fated Hindenburg, so we're thinking it might be fun to float around the world in a luxo-hotel. Of all the ideas like this, maybe this one will be the one to actually fly. [Born Rich]

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looks pretty sweet from the outside. I could do without the retro-futuristic uncomfortable chairs though. Giant airships should definitley be decorated with 1940s decor - elaborate paneling and moulding, giant chairs, etc.

It needs to be a giant floating palace, not some wanna-be enterprise whale.