Mannequin Lamps Make Our Sex Lives Feel Very Lame

Illustration for article titled Mannequin Lamps Make Our Sex Lives Feel Very Lame

These mannequin-inspired lamps, aptly named At Your Command, are the most awkwardly sexy lighting devices since Mr. Parker's "major award" from The Christmas Story.


From designers at Daniel Loves Objects, the At Your Command lamps evoke the intense imagery of a censored orgy filled with a mutant race of man in which skin is made of gold and arms sprout from one's head. They make for a conversation piece that's equally dirty with the lights on or off, and while the lamps are but inanimate objects made of metal, we're not letting them anywhere near our pets. [coroflot via The Design Blog]

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So which one is the girl lamp? I wanna make sure I'm looking at the right one. I'm not gonna let the Hanson incident repeat itself.