Mapless Globe Plays the Sounds of the Earth When You Spin It

Yuri Suzuki has been traveling the world, using a dictaphone to collect local sounds of different countries since 2009. With these audio field notes, he's turned a globe into a record that plays these sounds when it spins for a 30-minute audio tour of the world called "The Sound of the Earth."


The artist engraved each country with their unique sounds, so when the the needle passes over those grooves on the metallic sphere, it plays the local samples. When you're in Brazil, you'll hear Baile funk bumping through the favela. In Russia, tourists sing you the national anthem. Japan will tickle your ears with a weird announcement from a train. Suzuki says most of the spherical soundtrack is made of folk and pop music, local songs, spoken word, and broadcasts.

This is just a prototype at this point—you can see in the video that much like a regular record, it tends to skip in some places. And Suzuki wants to keep traveling to continue this awesome spinning symphony. [Deezen via FastCo]

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Awesome concept, poorly executed. It sounds like complete shit. If the globe was much larger, and thus able to play recognizable clips of sounds, I'd like it a lot more.