Marathon to SMS Those Too Lazy to Run In It

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I've come to the conclusion that despite childhood fantasies, I will never be passionate or self-loathing enough to run a marathon. However, I could track a friend via SMS.


This Sunday, the Dallas White Rock Marathon will implement a pretty cool feature for participants and their friends/families. While most modern marathons track runners with (RFID?) chips attached to their shoes, this marathon in Dallas will take that data and send it out, texting or emailing split times and finishing results to anyone who registers with a particular runner.

Neat stuff, though just writing this post has given me a nasty cramp. [Do It Sports via dallasnews]


Steve Runner

I ran the Boston Marathon last year with a cellphone strapped to my arm, a lapel microphone to my shirt and my son at the computer at the other end of the line, Twittering my progress as I ran. It was pretty cool, and those who subscribe to my podcast got a mile-by-mile report on how I was doing during the race.

But, yeah: Boston has been doing the "athlete alert" thing for the past 8 years.