Buro Vormkrijgers not only has a stupendous name, but also tends to roll out fantastic designs intermittently. The Marie Louise lamp, which unlike Buro Vormkrijgers has a shockingly unoriginal name, makes up for the lack of excitement by having a jaw-dropping sexy design. The unorthodox light source is constructed from sheets of acrylic and uses a 14-watt fluorescent bulb along the length of the structure's leg to provide the semi-creepy, stylish glow.


Different colored lighting options are available, including amber, yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink, red and green. Two styles are offered as further options, either an intricate etched pattern or a plain transparent design. Get ready to flex your flexible friend; the etched variety will set you back a magnificent $1,299, while the plain type will be a slightly more modest, but still ridiculous, $999. It's a small price to pay; after all, with this in your bedroom, you won't fail but to get a real live Marie Louise in the mood. [Oh Gizmo!]