Mark Hamill Had a Very Different Idea for Luke's Intro in The Force Awakens

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Mark Hamill was extremely excited when he finally sat down with the script for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The first line of the script was “Luke Skywalker has vanished” and he anxiously read to see when he’d appear.


Like all of us, Hamill was surprised to find out not only did he not appear until the final scene of the film, he doesn’t have a line of dialogue. Well, at Hamill’s panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe he revealed that, while reading, he kept guessing when Luke would appear. And his best guess was the coolest thing ever.

“Where I thought I came in, I thought I came in when the lightsaber flies off [in the snow],” Hamill said. He then reacted surprised that it wasn’t him. “What? Rey caught it? She hasn’t even finished her training!”

Of course, he then joked that Luke didn’t finish his training either, instead going off to save his friends. Sort of like Rey does to defend and avenge Finn and Han.

On the panel, Hamill also confirmed that he was looping dialogue for Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII on Thursday (That means he talks!) and seemed impressed. “There’s dialogue in there that I can see on a t-shirt,” he said. “Rian Johnson is amazing. Forget ‘May the Force be with you.’”

Strong words for, apparently, strong words.

Finally, for the biggest question about Luke in The Force Awakens, is that really a grave stone he’s standing next to, Hamill gave an obvious answer. “I don’t know,” he said. “It looked like a rock to me.”


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That really would have been a pretty huge mistake for the movie to me. A lot of the movie builds up to Rey growing stronger as a character and a force user, and to have the climatic showdown with Ren stolen from her would have been a pretty big “eff you” to her.